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Dentsu partners with The GoodNet to launch Ethical Media Index

Dentsu has partnered with the Thee GoodNet – the ethical media and intelligence company – to launch a new Ethical Media Index (EMI) in the UK, enabling brands to plan and measure the ethical performance of their digital campaigns.

Dentsu research has found that almost 80% of marketers believe that in a world where economic volatility is accelerated and exacerbated by climate volatility, there is no longer any disconnect between what is good for society and what is good for business. As a result, brands are increasingly focusing on sustainable and ethical media investment.

However, there are barriers across education, standards and resources that need to be overcome to achieve progress. The Ethical Media Index helps brands tackle these challenges, enabling the measurement of ethical and sustainability metrics at scale for digital advertising campaigns.

The Index uses over 50 data points across content, placement, corporate reporting and DEI to assign scores to the world’s largest ad-funded publisher domains. This provides a wide perspective of ethical performance, which brands can measure and optimise their digital advertising against to achieve their sustainability and DEI goals.

This is the latest tool dentsu can offer clients to help clients drive more ethical media campaigns, sitting alongside its existing solutions such as a cross-channel media carbon calculator, offering further support to brands wishing to deliver against sustainability KPIs. The Index is initially being rolled out in the UK, before being taken to global markets later in 2024.

“At dentsu, we are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability in our media investments,” said Steven Ballinger, Chief Commercial Officer UK&I at dentsu. “We want to empower our clients to deliver work that matches their values and sustainability commitments. Our investment in the Ethical Media Index reflects our dedication to sustainable, ethical and responsible media practices, setting a new standard in the industry. It aligns with dentsu’s broader ambitions to embrace ‘Sanpo Yoshi’ – a profound Japanese principle that achieves three-way satisfaction by pursuing actions that benefit not only business but also people and society. Getting this right means creating truly sustainable, legacy businesses, that can drive value for future generations.”

Oliver Deane, co-Founder at The GoodNet added: “Dentsu has been instrumental in helping shape the Ethical Media Index towards specific client needs. It is leading the market in adopting the product, exemplifying its heightened dedication to ethical practices. It recognises the significance of the Ethical Media Index score as a pivotal metric, integral to its assessment of media investments’ performance and impact. This underscores their unwavering commitment to a more responsible and sustainable media landscape.”

Dentsu is committed to helping its clients navigate disruption and build a more sustainable and inclusive society. Through its strategic partnerships with the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM), Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) and Responsible Media Forum, dentsu is taking a proactive role to tackle the challenges facing the media industry, including reducing misinformation, eliminating harmful content online, and highlighting the conscious choices advertisers can make.

Mark Evans joins The GoodNet

Mark Evans joins The GoodNet as advisor, bringing extensive marketing expertise to drive sustainable campaign success

The GoodNet (, a leading ethical media and intelligence company dedicated to helping brands achieve outstanding campaign results while making a positive impact on the world, is delighted to announce the addition of Mark Evans to its team as an advisor

With an impressive career spanning decades in the marketing and advertising industry, Mark is well-positioned to offer invaluable insights and guidance to The GoodNet as they continue to champion sustainability in marketing. Mark’s extensive experience encompasses leadership roles at some of the industry’s most renowned brands and agencies, including Direct Line Group, Mars, and HSBC. He is widely considered as one of the most highly regarded figures in the marketing industry.

The GoodNet was founded with a clear mission: to help brands achieve great campaign results while doing Good. This means delivering campaigns that not only yield exceptional outcomes but also make a positive contribution to both society and the environment. The company has worked with a wide range of brands, including Kia, EDF, Pinterest, Premier Inn, Heineken, giffgaff, and Trainline. This work contributed to The GoodNet being shortlisted for ‘Best Start-Up’ at this year’s Campaign Ad Net Zero awards alongside a nomination for ‘Best Application of ESG’ at The Wires.

Mark Evans said “I believe that marketing has the power to be a force for good, helping brands to achieve growth and their ESG objectives simultaneously. The GoodNet’s mission aligns perfectly with this and so I’m thrilled to join the team and help towards driving substantial industry transformation.”

Guy Jones said “Mark Evans’ addition to The GoodNet as an advisor underscores our commitment to helping brands and agencies to grow their businesses through sustainable practices. Mark brings wealth of knowledge and a CMO’s perspective on these subjects, this will help us become more valuable to our clients.

The GoodNet partnership with Legacy Media provided Marketers with the ESG Lens to achieve great results whilst doing good

This partnership brings together The GoodNet’s deep expertise in helping advertisers reach ethically-minded audiences with Legacy’s insight into the ESG credentials of media owners; helping advertisers better plan and measure their media spend for both performance and Good.

With 46% of consumers saying that they want to buy from organisations that benefit the planet and society[1], and spend on ethical products growing four times faster than overall consumer spend[2], it’s clear that people increasingly value brand’s ethical credentials. With this in mind, advertisers must increasingly think about the broader impact of their media investment decisions in relation to sustainability goals.

Since launching last year, The GoodNet has provided brands with a simple way of delivering their key campaign metrics, whilst supporting publishers whose content is aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and proactively reducing campaign CO2 emissions. Legacy’s ESG data provides The GoodNet, across all campaigns, with the ability to optimize media investment towards companies with values and purpose at their core.

The GoodNet’s belief that brands can achieve great campaign results while doing good has been embraced by a range of brands as diverse as Kia, Trainline, Canada Goose and Pinterest.

Guy Jones, Co-founder at The GoodNet said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Legacy. Placing advertising spend with media owners who perform well against ESG criteria is a key way in which our industry can be a force for good. Legacy’s data, as part of GoodIQ, will help to show buyers that having a positive impact can go hand in hand with driving great campaign performance.”Andy Power, Founder & CEO, Legacy Media, stated: “Legacy partners with companies focused on changing and maintaining a ‘good’ media investment supply chain. Our partnership with The GoodNet reflects and strengthens our mission to enforce direction of media budgets to companies also determined to make positive change”.

[1] EY Future Consumer Report, 2021

[2] 20 Years of Ethical Consumerism, Co-Op 2021

The GoodNet has been nominated in the Rising Star category at the prestigious Start-Up Awards.

The GoodNet has been nominated in the Rising Star category at the prestigious Start-Up Awards. The nomination recognizes the exceptional growth and success of The GoodNet in the tech industry, and its commitment to providing innovative solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

Co-founder of The GoodNet, Guy Jones, expressed his gratitude for the nomination, saying “We are thrilled and humbled to be nominated for the Rising Star category at the Start-Up Awards. It is an honour to be recognized by such a prestigious organization and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to help businesses succeed.”

The Start-Up Awards are one of the most respected and competitive awards in the UK’s start-up community. The Rising Star category highlights the most promising new businesses in the industry and celebrates their achievements. The GoodNet’s nomination is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team, and its commitment to innovation and excellence in advertising and sustainability.

The judging panel contains executives from companies such as Startling Bank, BT and EY, and previous winners include Tail (fintech platform), Seedrs (funding platform) and Ver (energy).

The winners of the Start-Up Awards will be announced at a ceremony in London in June. The GoodNet team is eagerly looking forward to attending the event and meeting other industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of the UK’s start-up community.

The GoodNet Partners With SeenThis to Increase Performance & Avoid Carbon Emissions

The GoodNet has partnered withSeenThis to enhance the video and display advertising offering to our advertisers. SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology uses lower data transfer on ad campaigns than legacy technology, avoiding carbon footprint for advertisers for running the same ad. 

The GoodNet will adopt SeenThis streaming technology to deliver display advertising, minimising sending uncalled-for data, and achieving faster load times. SeenThis provides a unique combination that not only creates a better user experience but also improves outcomes for brands and empowers them in their sustainability efforts to avoid CO2 emissions caused by digital advertising.

Oliver Deane, co-founder, The GoodNet, shares “SeenThis offers a better way to deliver advertising creatives. Their streaming technology does something that has previously not been possible: deliver high-quality creative with lightning-fast load-times while using less data in the process. We are excited to provide this upgrade for our advertisers and our audiences.”

The GoodNet enables brands to reach an audience of 12.7 million ethical consumers who are receptive to messages and products that drive the wellbeing of people and the planet. Brands using The GoodNet are directly funding publishers whose content inspires and educates people to live greener, healthier, and more socially positive lives, while achieving their campaign goals.

Gareth Holmes, VP of EMEA & APAC, says “The GoodNet is a leader in sustainable media and advertising, and is a perfect partner for SeenThis. Not only can advertisers reach a valuable audience across quality content, with our partnership, they can also deliver more sustainable, high-performing content.”

The GoodNet & actionable Partner to Help Marketers Reach & Engage Ethical Consumers

Sustainability ad network, The GoodNet, and technology company, actionable, announced an exclusive partnership that will help brands and non-profits activate interactive ad formats for ethical consumers in the moments they are most likely to take action. 

This partnership will bring together actionable’s deep expertise in building engaging ad solutions with The GoodNet’s access to a scaled audience of ethical consumers within highly contextually relevant environments. 

Any brands or organisations working with The GoodNet will be able to leverage actionable’s customisable ActionButton format, which can be used to gather insights, raise awareness, prompt user action, and create conversation. Likewise, any advertisers working with actionable will have the ability to activate their message across The GoodNet’s network of publishers whose content makes the world greener, healthier, and fairer. 

Sustainability is a critical topic within the advertising industry and much good work is being done around subjects such as carbon emissions. However, sustainability is also about engaging communities of people to take positive action in their lives and in the world around them. This partnership brings together two companies at the forefront of this charge, allowing advertisers to leverage their complementary services in a simple, joined-up way. 

actionable have worked with notable brands in the U.S.A in industries ranging from tech to beauty to lifestyle, with highlights including General Motors, Tommy Hilfiger, and L’Oreal. Last year, actionable was a key part of the General Motors master-brand launch, helping to raise awareness around the brand’s overall shift towards electric vehicles and sustainability. 

Guy Jones, co-founder, The GoodNet said, “We are delighted to be bringing the ActionButton to advertisers who are working with us to reach ethical audiences. Our audience comes to our publisher websites for inspiration and advice on how to live a greener, healthier, and socially positive life. This unique format is a fantastic way for brands to engage with ethical consumers in the moments when they are looking to take positive action.” 

Alice Pott, managing director, actionable, said “actionable has always believed in the power of meeting people in the moments they feel inspired and giving them ways to take instant action. TheGoodNet’s extensive sustainability publishers gives us the opportunity to reach even more moments of inspiration with ethically-minded audiences. Collaboration is key to building a sustainable future and we are thrilled to have found such an aligned partner.”


Ferris the Zero Waste App Becomes the Latest Publisher to Join The Goodnet

Sustainability ad network, The GoodNet, and Ferris, the zero waste app, today (September 7th, 2022) announced a partnership whereby The GoodNet takes on the sales of Ferris’s new advertising and sponsorship products. Through this partnership, The GoodNet’s advertisers will be able to reach Ferris’s user base of ethical consumers who are driving the growth of the circular economy

What is Ferris?

Ferris is a zero waste app for giving and getting once-loved items for free. Founded by two ex-BT and Sky executives, Phil Galloway and Nick Castle, their mission is to inspire consumers to reduce waste by making the circular economy fun and rewarding. The sharp growth of Ferris this year has been driven by their community of 35,000 users, who are putting sustainability at the centre of tackling the cost of living crisis. Ferris is accessible to everyone, and all items offered on the platform must be given away for free. Through this approach, the Ferris community has so far saved over 100 tons* of CO2 emissions in London by giving thousands of items including furniture, household appliances, and clothes.

Why is Zero-Waste Living so important?

The British population’s interest and participation in the circular economy is growing. McKinsey’s recent ‘Understanding the consumers of the future’ research study reported that “around 50% of consumers in the UK have purchased preowned items. As sustainability conscious GenZers get older, the proportion will rise”**, and with increasing costs of living the appetite to give and get quality once-loved items will only increase.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Ferris’s suite of ad products, that can be accessed via The GoodNet, include sponsored articles, app takeovers, branded social posts, unique email offers, and display ads.

Phil Galloway, co-founder of Ferris said “This platform is a Win Win Win for the community, for our planet and for households – especially during these tough times. Our community is getting amazing once-loved items for free; thousands of items are being saved from landfill; and the Ferris community are enjoying the benefits of a decluttered home, accompanied by the glow of giving something away to a fellow neighbour. We partnered with The GoodNet because they slot perfectly into our vision, and the brands they work with align with our core mission of reducing waste and tackling the cost of living crisis. Ferris is one of a very small pool of platforms where brands can connect with an audience on these two planes concurrently”

Guy Jones, co-founder, The GoodNet said, “We are thrilled to be working with Ferris. They have built a brilliant product that is being used by a highly engaged community. This makes Ferris the ideal platform for brands joining the battle against climate change and/or cost of living crisis. We launched The GoodNet to help ethical brands grow by reaching audiences who are looking to live a more sustainable life. Ferris and their audience are a great fit for our network, and we look forward to taking their brilliant ad products to our clients.”

The GoodNet partners with Scope3

Greener, Fairer, Healthier

The GoodNet today announced a partnership with Scope3, the source of truth for programmatic supply chain emissions data. Through this deal, every campaign running across The GoodNet’s network of sustainability-publishers will be carbon neutral, having its carbon emissions measured and compensated for through a high-quality portfolio of carbon removal projects.

Advertising’s impact on the climate crisis is complex. Research from Purpose Disruptors tells us that advertising adds an incredible 28% to the annual carbon footprint of every person in the UK. This includes the emissions generated by running advertising campaigns themselves, but more importantly through the incremental demand for products that advertising drives. It is critical that we decarbonise the digital ads supply chain, but also that we focus on how advertising can influence more ethical consumer behavior at a mass scale.

This partnership will enable brands to fuse together three critical aspects of sustainability media buying. Firstly, The GoodNet gives advertisers the ability to reach an audience of ethical consumers who are receptive to brands and products that drive the wellbeing of people and the planet. Secondly, by using The GoodNet brands are directly funding publishers whose content inspires and educates people to live greener, healthier and more socially positive lives. And lastly, through Scope3’s data and portfolio of carbon removal projects, The GoodNet can measure the total emissions of all ad campaigns and mitigate their impact.

Oliver Deane, co-founder, The GoodNet said, “The GoodNet was founded to help brands reach ethical audiences and to help sustainability-focused publishers earn revenue that funds their vital work. We’re delighted that our partnership with Scope3 ensures that every campaign we run will be carbon neutral, while also helping establish an independent, industry-standard measurement for carbon emissions. This is another tangible step towards a greener media industry.”

Harvin Gupta, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Scope 3 said, “The GoodNet is an exciting business and a leader in championing advertising as a force for good. By offering Green Media Products powered by Scope3, The GoodNet enables advertisers to not only invest in and support socially positive content but to also rapidly decarbonise their media and advertising supply chain. ”