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This partnership brings together The GoodNet’s deep expertise in helping advertisers reach ethically-minded audiences with Legacy’s insight into the ESG credentials of media owners; helping advertisers better plan and measure their media spend for both performance and Good.

With 46% of consumers saying that they want to buy from organisations that benefit the planet and society[1], and spend on ethical products growing four times faster than overall consumer spend[2], it’s clear that people increasingly value brand’s ethical credentials. With this in mind, advertisers must increasingly think about the broader impact of their media investment decisions in relation to sustainability goals.

Since launching last year, The GoodNet has provided brands with a simple way of delivering their key campaign metrics, whilst supporting publishers whose content is aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and proactively reducing campaign CO2 emissions. Legacy’s ESG data provides The GoodNet, across all campaigns, with the ability to optimize media investment towards companies with values and purpose at their core.

The GoodNet’s belief that brands can achieve great campaign results while doing good has been embraced by a range of brands as diverse as Kia, Trainline, Canada Goose and Pinterest.

Guy Jones, Co-founder at The GoodNet said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Legacy. Placing advertising spend with media owners who perform well against ESG criteria is a key way in which our industry can be a force for good. Legacy’s data, as part of GoodIQ, will help to show buyers that having a positive impact can go hand in hand with driving great campaign performance.”Andy Power, Founder & CEO, Legacy Media, stated: “Legacy partners with companies focused on changing and maintaining a ‘good’ media investment supply chain. Our partnership with The GoodNet reflects and strengthens our mission to enforce direction of media budgets to companies also determined to make positive change”.

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[2] 20 Years of Ethical Consumerism, Co-Op 2021