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Brand Safety Policy

The GoodNet is fully committed to providing advertisers with a brand safe and trusted network. We take the following steps to achieve this:

  • Publisher vetting:

We operate a highly curated marketplace where every publisher is hand-selected by our team. This means that we spend time using each site to ensure that it is a quality environment with contextually appropriate and brand safe content.

In many cases we have contractual agreements with our publisher partners, giving an extra level of accountability and protection.

We are fully transparent as to where ads serve, before and after the campaign.

Under no circumstances do we buy across long tail, un-vetted sites. 

  • Brand safety and viewability filters

We operate on an ‘allowed-list’ basis, where inventory is only used if actively selected by our team, rather than a ‘block-list’ basis where inventory is allowed by default unless specifically excluded. 

In addition to this we apply verification filters from reputable companies such as IAS to avoid high-risk content including, but not limited to, categories such as Adult, Crime, Injury, Obscenity, Hate Speech, Weapons, and Illegal drugs. We also apply these filters to block inventory from malicious or fraudulent websites.

The GoodNet uses reasonable endeavours to target the most viewable ad inventory for all campaigns, using MRC definitions. We apply a viewability threshold to all campaigns, ensuring that we optimise away from low viewability environments.

  • 3rd party verification

Wherever we are able, we allow customers to implement 3rd party verification and tracking technologies of their choice.

  • Takedown policy

The GoodNet will take all the steps outlined in this policy to minimise the risk of ad misplacement. However, if a suspected brand safety breach does take place, we will take down the campaign as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after receiving notification at [email protected].

If notification is received outside normal business hours, we will action the takedown by 12pm on the first standard business day that follows. 

This brand safety policy may be updated at The GoodNet’s discretion and without notice.

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